Eazimed MedicaVault

Simple medical inventory management software

Get MedicaVault and get access to the following features:

Create items

Create items and assign them a location, a date and a quantity.

Manage dates

Set a shelf life, so that you know when to take the product out of the stock.

Set thresholds

Set stock level as to when "please order" appears, and send email status.

Add up to 100 users

Allow up to 100 users/computers to use simultaneously the software.

Sync data

Automatically sync your data with other users.

Import & export

Depending on the software/format, import and export your data.


Hassle-free and easy-to-use. Self-explanatory user interface.


From 149€. One-time payment, no hidden costs.


Your data are not stored in the cloud, but on your own local servers.

Technical requirements

Eazimed runtime solutions (the solutions you will install on your computer) are currently only available for Windows PCs. However, you can also use Eazimed solutions on macOS computers by running them with the Claris Filemaker ® app. Indeed, our native programs allow cross-platform users to run our solutions on another operating system. The technical requirements for Windows and iOS are:

For Windows:

Windows 10, Windows 8.1
64 bits only
1 or 2GB of RAM
5GB of free hard disk space recommended

For macOS:

macOS Catalina 10.15, macOS Mojave 10.14
2 or 4GB of RAM
5GB of free hard disk space recommended

It should also be noted that the software has been designed to fit a Full HD screen with following dimensions: 1920 x 1080 pixels. Please access our Standard READMEs files for further information.


SolutionPriceEazimed bundle
Medical inventory management149€
Patient information management499€

Buy MedicaVault now and start managing your inventories for just 149€, or get the Eazimed suite for 549€, and fulfil all your institute's needs while saving 100€!

Eazimed does not fit your needs? Get your money back, no questions asked.

About Eazimed

Eazimed is affiliated to the Eazitron Suite, from which it is derivated from. The Eazitron Suite is born out of an acknowledgment: small and medium enterprises shouldn't have to pay huge amounts for overcomplicated business management software.

That is why we created Eazitron, a family of eight software aiming at serving small and medium companies by fulfilling their management needs within various operations areas.

Eazitron - a portmanteau name combining "eazi" (easy) and the suffix "-tron" (for electronics) - aspires to be the simplest and the "easiest-to-use" business management software suite on the market, for managers looking for both reliable and affordable solutions for their business.

Bernard & Sven

  • Who are Eazimed software for?

Eazimed is for anyone who wants easy-to-use and simple solutions for their institute, without breaking the bank 💸!

Eazimed solutions were designed for people with no or little system experience. It will only require basic computing skills if you wish to work with other users simultaneously on one solution on a web browser. To learn more about this feature, please read our READMEs documents.

  • Which operating systems do Eazimed solutions work with?

Please refer to the technical requirements.

  • Can I collaborate with other users simultaneously on one solution?

Yes, the maximum number of simultaneous users is 100.

  • Can I request some changes to one of our the solutions?

Yes, of course! Please contact us to send us your request (we will only be able to make minor changes). We will ask for a small fee of 99€ for every edit performed.

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